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SAAD Assessed Sedation Nurse Course

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The SAAD National Course in Conscious Sedation for Dental Nurses covers the underpinning knowledge and clinical skills required for the safe provision of conscious sedation in dental practice. The teaching faculty are the UK’s most experienced dental sedation teachers.

It is an excellent introduction to conscious sedation for 'New Starters' and a comprehensive refresher for practitioners wishing to ensure they remain up-to-date with sedation techniques and recommendations on best practice.

The programme is regularly updated in order to meet the changing needs of practitioners in general dental practice, Community Dental Shrive and hospital environments.

Course Content

Explain the principals of safe and effective conscious sedation

Describe patient assessment and treatment planning

Recognise potential airway and breathing difficulties

Understand the significance of medical problems, including medication

Describe the administration of sedation, monitoring, recovery & discharge

Describe the recognition and management of sedation-related complications

Be aware of National guidance on conscious sedation

Why choose this course

    • Be taught by the UK's most experienced teachers of conscious sedation for dentistry
    • Theoretical and practical instruction in all aspects of conscious sedation

    • Discussion of behavioural and advanced techniques

    • SAAD course handbook covering all aspects of the SAAD National Course
    • Plentiful opportunities for individual questions and discussion with faculty members, all with extensive personal experience of your branch of dentistry and the range of patients you treat
    • A certificate of attendance is awarded at the end of the course
    • This is a rewarding course, which is both educational and fun


SAAD is at the forefront of postgraduate teaching of sedation techniques in dentistry. The Society runs courses for the whole dental team encouraging the safe provision of conscious sedation. Other activities include providing scientific seminars, giving expert advice to other bodies including the Department of Health and the General Dental Council; providing experts for guidelines and standards documents; giving expert evidence to the courts; promoting research in the field of pain and anxiety control and providing individual support and advice to members. Membership of the society is open to any registered dental or medical practitioner, dental nurse or dental therapist/hygienist.