SAAD Sedation CPD

The SAAD online CPD is online sedation CPD based on questions about the refereed papers in the current issue of the SAAD Digest.

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  • The questions are updated each April and October
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There are currently nine sections of questions, if correctly answered each section of questions provides an hour of sedation based CPD.

Section 1:
Remimazolam compared to midazolam for dental sedation: an umbrella review

Section 2:
A review of the awareness and use of airway assessment techniques in conscious sedation in dentistry

Section 3:
Improving safety and efficiency in special care dentistry through quality improvement of patient information in the Belfast Trust

Section 4:
Patient experiences and outcomes following intravenous sedation in an oral surgery setting

Section 5:
An investigation of bispectral index monitoring when providing intravenous sedation for adults with severe cognitive disability

Section 6:
Are we providing an effective sedation service? An evaluation of a new conscious sedation service in primary special dental care

Section 7:
An audit of the use of flumazenil for sedation within the Special Care Dentistry Department (CDS Cycle 7) and seven-year comparison

Section 8:
Unsuccessful conscious sedation on patients with a learning disability and / or autism: a multi-site service evaluation

Section 9:
The effectiveness of dental nurse led Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) on the dentally anxious patient: a service evaluation

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