New to sedation?

Then the SAS scheme is for you!


    • STAC accredited course
    • Online written assessment
    • Documents for recording your supervised clinical experience
    • Optional attendance of four complimentary case based discussion webinars
    • Advice and support
    • Certificate of completion

The SAS scheme is accredited by IACSD / Sedation Training Accreditation Committee (STAC), RCSEng and includes approval of your supervisor, verification of your Clinical Logbook, Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) forms and the SAS Practice Checklist.

Successful practitioners will receive a SAAD certificate confirming ‘SAAD Assessed Sedationist’ status which will enable you to practise independently.

The registration deadline is four weeks after attending the SAAD National Course. There will be a presentation about the scheme on the course weekend.

Please note: SAAD provides knowledge and skills training in conscious sedation in compliance with current UK Standards (IACSD, 2020). We also offer the opportunity for course participants to gain supervised clinical experience through the SAS scheme. However, it is the responsibility of candidates from the Republic of Ireland (and other countries) to ensure that SAAD's training is acceptable to both the National and local authorities, where the candidate intends to practice. SAAD is unable to enter into negotiations of behalf of course participants or to identify appropriate supervisors.


The stages of the SAS scheme

    • Registration for, and attendance of the two day SAAD National Course
    • Registration for the SAS scheme, nomination of a clinical supervisor and payment of the course fee
    • Acceptance on to the SAS scheme and approval of the clinical supervisor
    • Successful completion of the online written assessment after attending the SAAD National Course
    • Completion of 20 IV and/or 10 IS cases under supervision. For half of these cases dentists will need to provide the dental treatment as well as the sedation.
    • Optional attendance of four complimentary webinars
    • Submission of your portfolio (logbook(s), DOPs, Practice Evaluation Checklist(s) and Document Submission Checklist) to SAAD
    • Moderation of submitted documents by the SAAD Training Board
    • Satisfactory completion is confirmed and you become a SAAD Assessed Sedationist able to provide sedation independently in accordance with the IACSD Standards (2020)