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SAAD Digest is the Journal of the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry and has been published regularly in London UK, since 1970. It has been produced in its current format since 2006. One edition is published each year in January and copies of all editions produced since then are available below to view or download in PDF. The Digest has become a unique and invaluable international forum for all interested in advancement of knowledge in pain and anxiety control for dentistry.

The Editorial Board invites contributions from all active in the field, and is interested to receive case reports. Potential authors should consult the Guidelines for Authors and the SAAD Digest Style Guide. For case reports, use the SAAD Case Report Template.

Volume 36 (2020)

Volume 35 (2019)

Volume 34 (2018)

Volume 33 (2017)

Volume 32 (2016)

Volume 31 (2015)

Volume 30 (2014)

Volume 29 (2013)

Volume 28 (2012)

Volume 27 (2011)

Volume 26 (2010)

Volume 25 (2009)

Volume 25 (2009)

Volume 24 (2008)

Volume 23 (2007)

Volume 22 (2006)

Submissions for the SAAD Digest are always welcomed. Please refer to the SAAD Digest Guidelines for Authors and contact in the first instance. The submission deadline for publication in the January 2021 Digest is 30 June 2020.


Issue 25: 2019 Winter

Issue 24: 2019 Summer

Issue 23: 2018 Winter

Issue 22: 2018 Summer

Issue 21: 2017 Autumn

Issue 20: 2017 Spring

Issue 19: 2016 Autumn

Issue 18: 2016 Spring

Issue 17: 2015 Autumn

Issue 16: 2015 Spring

Issue 15: 2014 Autumn

Issue 14: June 2014

Issue 13: June 2013

Issue 12: June 2012

Issue 11: June 2011

Issue 10: June 2010

Issue 9: June 2009

Issue 8: June 2008

Issue 7: June 2007

Issue 6: July 2006


SAAD is at the forefront of postgraduate teaching of sedation techniques in dentistry. The Society runs courses for the whole dental team encouraging the safe provision of conscious sedation. Other activities include providing scientific seminars, giving expert advice to other bodies including the Department of Health and the General Dental Council; providing experts for guidelines and standards documents; giving expert evidence to the courts; promoting research in the field of pain and anxiety control and providing individual support and advice to members. Membership of the society is open to any registered dental or medical practitioner, dental nurse or dental therapist/hygienist.