The SAAD online CPD is online sedation CPD based on questions about the refereed papers in the current issue of the SAAD Digest.

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  • Access to the current issue of the SAAD Digest is provided
  • The questions are replaced each February/March
  • A sedation CPD certificate can be downloaded once the sections intended to be completed have been passed
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  • If you are interested in purchasing access for a group, please contact us so that we can raise a single invoice and provide access codes

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There are currently eight sections of questions, if correctly answered each section of questions provides an hour of sedation based CPD.

Section 1:
COVID-19 vaccination and multi-disciplinary care under dental sedation/anaesthesia for patients with a learning disability: a case series

Section 2:
The impact of misophonia on dental care - a study

Section 3:
Management of pain and anxiety in pregnant dental patients

Section 4:
Use of Amsed® (oral midazolam) for conscious sedation for adults with learning disability

Section 5:
The use of dexmedetomidine as an alternative pre-medication in children with autism attending elective day case dental treatment

Section 6:
Referring children for treatment with additional pharmacological support – a baseline audit of GDP e-referrals to a community dental setting

Section 7:
Impact of waiting times for paediatric dental general anaesthetic on patient quality of life

Section 8:
Complications and outcomes associated with midazolam conscious sedation of dental patients: An evaluation of regional services

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