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On Demand Webinar Series

Before you start:

Non Members please go to the blue link buttons to subscribe for the webinars.

If you are not an existing subscriber to SAAD, you will only be able to view the on-demand webinars and will not benefit from the other membership benefits.

SAAD Members!

1. You should register using your existing SAAD subscription before proceeding

2. Then, ensure that you select - 'Do you have an account already?' button (otherwise you will be asked to register again)

3. Enter the discount code MEMBER - then press 'Apply' to apply the member discount before you proceed to payment.

Please use the following link buttons to purchase any of our on-demand webinar subscriptions

By purchasing any of these webinars, you agree that:

  • If you are a member and do not use the MEMBER discount code then you will not be able to obtain this discount retrospectively
  • The duration of your On Demand Webinar subscription is 31 days from the time that you purchase it
  • During this time, you should review the webinar and claim your certificate
  • SAAD has the right to stop offering the On Demand Webinars but if you have an existing subscription you will have until the end of your subscription period to review the Webinar


SAAD is at the forefront of postgraduate teaching of sedation techniques in dentistry. The Society runs courses for the whole dental team encouraging the safe provision of conscious sedation. Other activities include providing scientific seminars, giving expert advice to other bodies including the Department of Health and the General Dental Council; providing experts for guidelines and standards documents; giving expert evidence to the courts; promoting research in the field of pain and anxiety control and providing individual support and advice to members. Membership of the society is open to any registered dental or medical practitioner, dental nurse or dental therapist/hygienist.