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SAAD Assessed Sedation Nurse Course

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It is necessary and important to provide opportunities for members to gain recognition for their outstanding contributions to the field of dental anesthesiology and/or to the furthering of the goals of the International Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies. Recognizing our deserving colleagues is an important way for us to appreciate their career achievements and to set the bar for our younger colleagues.

The Secretary General of IFDAS is currently accepting nominations for the 2018 Horace Wells Award, and we are counting on you to help us identify potential honorees. We invite you to communicate to the president of your society the name of a worthy colleague who you feel has contributed in an outstanding way to IFDAS and/or to the field of dental anesthesiology. Please include as much detail as you can about the activities and accomplishments of the nominated person. The President of each IFDAS Full Member society will then transmit the name of that candidate, along with the descriptions of activities and accomplishments and any additional letters of recommendation that might be appropriate, to the IFDAS Secretary General ( The Secretary General will record the nominations and transmit all relevant information about the candidates to the Advisory Board Chair, who will oversee the confidential evaluation of the candidates by the Advisory Board and who will submit the results of the evaluations to the IFDAS Executive Council at its meeting in the Fall of 2017.

To be considered for the 2018 Horace Wells Award, a nomination must be received by the IFDAS Secretary General no later than September 1, 2017.

Past Horace Wells Award winners

1994 Gerry Holden, Peter Sykes, Norman Trieger, Yasuya Kubota, Antonio Reyes-Guerra

1997 Stanley Malamed, Luigi Baldinelli

2000 Hideo Matsuura, Jim Grainger, Wolfgang Jakobs

2003 Chandra Rodrigo, Peter Jacobsohn

2006 Joel Weaver, John Yagiela, Yuzuru Kaneko

2009 Eliezer Kaufman

2012 Morton Rosenberg, Masahito Sumitomo, Solomon Rabinovich

2015 Monika Daubländer, Christine Quinn


SAAD is at the forefront of postgraduate teaching of sedation techniques in dentistry. The Society runs courses for the whole dental team encouraging the safe provision of conscious sedation. Other activities include providing scientific seminars, giving expert advice to other bodies including the Department of Health and the General Dental Council; providing experts for guidelines and standards documents; giving expert evidence to the courts; promoting research in the field of pain and anxiety control and providing individual support and advice to members. Membership of the society is open to any registered dental or medical practitioner, dental nurse or dental therapist/hygienist.